higher purpose.

I've come to realize that my professional experiences have prepared me for the biggest opportunities of my lifetime. I’m proud to take the skills I've honed to create positive change in this world; while helping others do the same. Here is my impact, in numbers:


Million Dollars Raised

Through grassroots community outreach initiatives, grant procurement and fundraising events, I have helped to raise 2+ million dollars for local non-profits whose missions support the critical needs of families and children in crisis.


Years Serving communities

I have expertly led, and worked cooperatively with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, social service agencies, universities, and community leaders to affect positive change within the realm of public welfare.


million lives Impacted

With the support of strong community partnerships, I have provided clothing, shelter, essential household items, food, educational resources, and a wide variety of social services to those in our communities who are often forgotten.

I met Mimi in my position as President of the Norristown Rotary Club. She was conducting a presentation on the importance of social impact. Her enthusiasm and passion radiated and many members were compelled to expand their missions. I have never been in Mimi’s presence when she was not upbeat, pleasant and wearing a smile. Mimi’s professionalism is contagious. She is intelligent, organized and dependable. Your company will be presented with a jewel if she chooses to work with you.
— - Denise Ashe, Dir. Montgomery OIC